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Directeur de Recherche CNRS (CNRS Research Director)

Contact :
- Email :
- Phone : +33 4 72 18 61 06

Member of the department Méthodes pour l’ingénierie des systèmes of Laboratoire Ampère (CNRS UMR 5005).


Xavier Bombois received the Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. degrees from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) in 1997 and 2000, respectively. After his PhD dissertation, he joined the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) where he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in 2001. In January 2014, he received the Habilitation degree (HDR) from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Since February 2015, he has been a CNRS Research Director with Laboratoire Ampère (Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Ecully, France)


Research interests

- System Identification
- Identification for Control
- Optimal identification experiment design
- Robustness Analysis
- LMI based Optimization

PhD Supervision

- Debarghya Ghosh (Ecole Centrale de Lyon), Start October 2015. Contrat Doctoral Etablissement. Ecole Doctorale EEA.

- Max Potters (TU Delft). Experiment design for identification of structured linear systems. Thesis defense : 28 June 2016. Sponsored by the EU-FP7 project Autoprofit. Thesis.

- Vedran Peric (KTH Stockholm). Non-intrusive methods for mode estimation in power systems using synchrophasors. Thesis defense : 15 March 2016. Second supervisor of this PhD project directed by L. Vanfretti (SmartTs Lab). Thesis.

- Skander Taamallah (TU Delft), Small-scale helicopter automatic rotation : modeling, guidance and control. Thesis defense : 18 September 2015. Sponsored by the National Aerospace Laboratory (The Netherlands). Thesis.

- Marco Forgione (TU Delft), Batch-to-batch learning for model-based control
of process systems with application to cooling crystallization. Thesis Defense : 1 July 2014. Sponsored by the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (The Netherlands). Thesis.

- Amol Khalate (TU Delft), Model-based feedforward control for inkjet printheads. Thesis Defense : 17 December 2013. Sponsored by the ESI Octopus project. Thesis.

- Robert Bos (TU Delft), Monitoring of industrial processes using large-scale first-principles models. Thesis Defense : 21 December 2006. Sponsored by TNO-TPD (The Netherlands). Thesis

Postdoc supervision

- Ali Mesbah (TU Delft), Advanced autonomous model-based operation of industrial process systems, August 2010-April 2012. Sponsored by the EU-FP7 project Autoprofit.

Editorial activities

- Associate Editor for the IFAC journal Control Engineering Practice

- Associate Editor for the Conference Editorial Board of the IEEE Control Systems Society

Academic visits

- KTH Stockholm (Sweden) : one month in 2007, two weeks in 2013 and several other shorter visits
- Australian National University (Canberra, Australia) : one month in 2001, one month in 2002 and ten days in 2006
- Université de Lorraine : one week in 2005
- University of Linköping (Sweden) : two months in 2001
- Université Catholique de Louvain : several visits of one week
- Université de Caen : several visits of one week
- University of Cambridge : one week in 2000

PhD Thesis Committees

Member of PhD Thesis Committees in different universities :

- Technical University of Denmark
- KTH Stockholm
- Université de Lorraine, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Université de Poitiers
- Budapest University of Technology and Economics
- Delft University of Technology


PhD course

- System Identification for Control (6 ECTS). Together with Paul van den Hof (TU Eindhoven)

This course has been part of the regular teaching programme of the Dutch Graduate School of Systems and Control DISC since 2002. The course has also been given in 2003 and in 2011 for the Belgian Graduate School in Systems, Optimization, Control, and Networks.

Next course : Spring 2016

More information can be found here

MSc Theses

- Supervision of around 30 MSc theses (60 ECTS) at the Delft University of Technology (2004-2014).
- Supervision of one MSc student of Ecole Centrale de Lyon in a project with Océ Technologies (The Netherlands), April-September 2015.

Teaching at Ecole Centrale de Lyon

- 2015 : exercise and lab sessions of the 1st year course Automatique Linéaire

Past teaching experience (Delft University of Technology)

- 2002-2014 : MSc course System Identification (5 ECTS). Course manager. Slides of the courses.
- 2010-2014 : BSc course Mechatronical Project (10 ECTS). Course manager
- 2005-2009 : BSc course Signal Analysis (3 ECTS). Co-lecturer.

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