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Methods for System Engineering

Main objective :

Develop analysis and synthesis methods to design multiphysic dynamic systems with numerous constraints : control-command, reliability, environment, ...

Key words :

Modelisation / Automatic / Multiphysic and multiscale (in time and space) modeling / Design / Control / Optimization / Diagnostic / Specification / Reliability / Efficiency / Data uncertainties / Structural analysis / Driving and control / Medical robotics / Diagnostics and operational security

Scientific areas :

Electrical engineering, Mecatronics, Fluid power, Thermal transfers, thermodynamics, Automatic and control

Flagship projects :

  • CAD of systems
  • Models for electromagnetism in biological systems
  • EMC in electrical energy converters
  • CAD and driving of Fluid Power systems
  • Energy management (building and plants, transportation)

Contact : Eric Bideaux

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