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Projets institutionnels ou industriels (Dépt MIS d’Ampère)

Les projets listés ci-dessous sont en cours.
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Dynamo : "Dynamical modeling of electroporation : from cell to tissue"

Plan Cancer Inserm 9749 (09/15-08/18, PC201515)
Labos impliqués : Ampère (porteur), Vectorology and Anticancerous Therapies (Institute Gustave Roussy, Paris XI, L. Mir), INRIA Bordeaux (C. Poignard).
Budget : 371266€ (dont 197000€ pour Ampère)

Personnels Ampère concernés :

  • Permanents : R. Scorretti (promoteur), F. Buret, M. Frénéa, D. Voyer, L. Krähenbühl
  • Post-doc : A. Seth, G. Di Benedetto
  • Doctorant : J. Cottet

The project DYNAMO aims at investigating how electroporation can be effectively modeled, from the scale of cell up to the scale of tissue, and how molecular uptake holds and is enhanced by electric field delivery. To develop a dynamic model of tissue electroporation, two approaches will be followed: one derived from the macroscopic scale (ad hoc tissue model) and the other from the microscopic scale using homogenization techniques. In order to enable accurate elaboration of the models, experiments will be carried out on raw potato tubers, HEK cell aggregates and on mice liver and muscle. The transport of molecules through the tissue is also a bottleneck that will be overcome thanks to a porous medium approach, which will provide qualitative behaviour of the transport in the tissue. The consortium is composed of the bioelectromagnetism lab Ampère at Lyon, the Vectorology and Anticancerous Therapies of the Institute Gustave Roussy and the Inria team MONC. R. Scorretti (Ampère Lab) is the head of the project, L.M. Mir (IGR) and C.P. (Inria Bordeaux) are local PIs.

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