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Understanding of extracellular electron transfer and adaptation mechanisms of microbial communities on electrode surfaces

par Naoufel HADDOUR - publié le

-* Study of biofilms permselectivity for organic substrates

- In the literature, little experimental data exists concerning the diffusion of molecules in electroactive biofilms. The permeability of the biofilm is considered the same for all species regardless of their size, their charge or their hydrophilic / lipophilic caracter. No data is given about the selectivity of the biofilm permeability (permselectivity) for substrates.
- We are studying experimentally, using electrochemical methods, the permselectivity of elctroactive biofilms for molecules according to the physical and microbiological structure of biofilms. In this approach, the diffusion of redox probes of different physico-chemical properties is studied in various biofilm structures. This study aims to link the biofilm permselectivity to their physical and microbiological structures as well as to physicochemical properties of the substrates. This project also aims to study the influence of the permselectivity of anodic biofilms on the production of electricity in microbial fuel cells.
  • Preliminary results
- The electrochemical response of redox probes of different charges has been investigated on the anode surfaces covered with electroactive biofilms of different structures. By linear voltammetry measures, the permeability of biofilms for redox probes has been determined.
- Preliminary results show that the electroactive biofilms exhibit selective permeability vis-à-vis redox probes according to their charge. It also appears that this permselectivity depends on the physical and microbiological structure of studied biofilms.

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