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RTE-MIS 06/01/2016 (INSA, 12h30)

par Laurent Krähenbühl - publié le

"Réunion de Travail et d’Echange" (RTE) du département MIS :

Mercredi 6 janvier 2016, 12h30-14h00 - INSA, St-Ex, 1er étage.

Robust decentralized sensor localization (Anton Korniienko)

Anton Korniienko (MCF, ECL) {JPEG}We consider the problem of sensor localization, i.e., finding the positions of an arbitrary number of sensors located in a Euclidean space. Assuming that each sensor knows pairwise distances in its neighborhood and that the sensors lie in the convex hull of the anchors, we provide a DIstributed LOCalization algorithm in Continuous-Time, named DILOC-CT, that converges to the sensor locations. This representation is linear and is further decoupled in the coordinates. By adding a proportional controller in the feed-forward loop of each location estimator, we show that the convergence speed of DILOC-CT can be made arbitrarily fast. Since a large gain may result into unwanted transients especially in the presence of disturbance introduced, e.g., by communication noise in the network, we use H-infinity theory to design local controllers that guarantee certain global performance while maintaining the desired steady-state. Simulations are provided to illustrate the concepts described.

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