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AIDS (2011-2013) : Approximation of Infinite-Dimensional Systems

by Laurent Krähenbühl - published on , updated on

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AIDS (Approximation of Infinite-Dimensional Systems / Approximation de Systèmes de Dimension Infinie) est un projet du programme "Jeunes Chercheuses et Jeunes Chercheurs" de l’ANR.

Programme ANR : JCJC
Projet : ANR-11-JS03-0004 - Coordonnateur : Michaël Di Loreto (INSA de Lyon)
Liens :

Projet terminé : 2011-2013 (3 ans)
Apport de l’ANR :

Partenaire : Ampère (Département Méthodes pour l’Ingénierie des Systèmes).


Résumé du projet scientifique

In this project, we address the approximation problem of distributed parameter systems, for analysis and control purposes.
We are interested in the class of distributed parameter systems governed by linear or quasi-linear partial differential equations, with appropriate boundary and initial conditions. From an input-output approach, these dynamical systems are operators with input signals and output signals, related respectively to control inputs, disturbances, and measurements or controlled variables. These input and output signals are time and space functions, and can be either localized or distributed in time and/or space domains.
To exploit a dynamical model for analysis, simulation or control purposes, the analytical representation of the distributed parameter system has to be simplified by an appropriate approximation method. Our work is based on the operator approximation, and is decomposed in two parts. The first part concerns the realization of an approximation scheme by spatial discretization using Hamiltonian formulation. The second part develops an approximation method by a class of linear time-delay operators.
We highlight additional requirements on these two approximation methods to conserve structure properties, like energy balance for the Hamiltonian approach, or weak-strong controllability for the time-delay approach. These two approaches will make use of common algebraic tools.
From these approximations, some control issues for distributed parameter systems are discussed.
With this basic research, we aim at working out new and original methods for the analysis and the control of distributed parameter systems.

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