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Séminaires du Prof. Hitoshi Okubo

by Laurent Krähenbühl - published on , updated on

Le professeur Hitoshi Okubo, invité par l’ECL, donne plusieurs séminaires spécialisés du 14 au 28 juin à l’ECL (tous ces séminaires auront lieu à 14h au bâtiment H9, salle Bourbonnais).

  • June 14, Monday:

Overview of High Temperature Superconducting Power Applications and Electrical Insulation Techniques in Cryogenic Conditions

  • June 16, Wednesday:

Recent Development of Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) and Nano-composite for Power Applications

  • June 18, Friday:

Recent Development and Future Perspectives of Electrical Insulation Techniques and Power Equipment in Japan

  • June 21, Monday:

Breakdown Characteristics in Vacuum and Development of Higher Voltage Vacuum Interrupter

  • June 25, Friday:

High Field Charge Behavior and Flow Electrification Phenomena in Dielectric Liquids

  • June 28, Monday:

Novel Techniques for Partial Discharge Measurement and Condition Monitoring for Power Equipment

Hitoshi Okubo is presently Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Nagoya University and Chairman of University Committee of Power Academy in Japan.

His research subjects are specializing in the field of electric field calculation and measurement, electrical insulation techniques, new high voltage power equipment, the diagnostic techniques for electrical insulation performance in power equipment, related phenomena including gas/liquid/vacuum/solid discharges with environment-friendly materials, and FGM and nano-dielectrics, as well as the power applications of high temperature superconductivity (HTS).

He was a guest researcher in Washington State University (USA), National Research Council (Canada), University of Hanover (Germany), Strathclyde University (UK), Karolinska Institute (Sweden) in 1999.
He is a Japan regular member of CIGRE SC B3, C4 and D1, and the convenor of the WG D1.15 (New WG D1.38) on the material development and test procedures for HTS (High Temperature Superconducting) power applications.

He is a member of IEEE, IEE of Japan and VDE.

Dr. Hitoshi Okubo was elected the Deputy President in 2010 and appointed for the Presidency of IEE of Japan (IEEJ), for one year from May 2011.